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I was wondering who out there will be at
OddCon this weekend? I certainly will be.

Is there anything you are looking forward to at the con?

GOH update

madisondork Has just announced in other venues that the Odd Con website has been updated with the 2012 GOHs.

The Guests of Honor for 2012 are Larry Niven and Steven Barnes.

new website

madisondork announced that Odd Con has a new website. For now, it appears the old website still works.
OddCon is Friday. Yay!

For those who are not connected through other media, a few notes:

1) There will be a sock puppet making class on Saturday in the art show. Socks and other supplies are appreciated.

2) From Paul on Facebook:
Allergy Alert!!!

We've been made aware of this situation and we want to make sure all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety and well being of all of our attendees.

An attendee has an extremely severe allergy to coconut and palm oil. She had wanted us to make sure that no sprays (colognes, air fresheners, room deoderizer...s, etc) are going to be used that contain coconut (which is surprisingly often).

So if you could please check the ingredients lists of such items you are planning on using to make sure they don't contain coconut or palm oil that would be appreciated.

Thank You

See you there!

Panel submission form

Sorry it's taken so long to send this message. I had my wife make an online panel submission form and after much tweeking it's done.


as far as I know this isn't on the website yet so you HAVE to use this link to get to it.

And I apologize profusely but in order to get things done when I need to this form will only be up until Feb. 20. After that I'll send word with all the panel ideas so people can let me know what panels they want to be on. Then the cruel, hard choices of which panels make the cut will be made, and a schedule whipped up by hopefully mid March.

Thank You,

Paul Wiesner
Programming Head Oddcon 2011

writing contest (official release)

Less than three weeks left to enter!

The Fourth Annual OddContest (http://www.oddcon.com/contest/contest.html): an annual competition for speculative (science fiction, fantasy, or horror) stories or prose poems no longer than 500 words. The contest has been sponsored since 2008 by OdysseyCon, a science-fiction convention held each spring in Madison, Wisconsin. Cash prizes of $500 for the Adult winner and $50 for the Youth winner; convention memberships and books are awarded to the top three places in both the Adult and Youth divisions.

Entry deadline January 15 each year; results are announced by March 15.
Free entry (no more than one entry) for Youth under 18 years as of January 1, 2011.
$10 entry fee for Adult 18 and over.

Our 2011 judge is SF poet and professor emerita Marion Boyer. An awards ceremony and reading of the winning stories will be held at OdysseyCon April 8-10, 2011, at the Radisson Hotel in Madison, and the stories will be published in the OddCon program and on the website (if desired).

Guidelines: http://www.oddcon.com/contest/guide.html

Helpful definitions: http://www.oddcon.com/contest/define.html

Previous winning stories/poems: http://www.oddcon.com/contest/stories.html

F.J. Bergmann, OddContest Coordinator

2011 update

Hi the couple of you who might only get info on Oddcon via LJ.
Next year's convention is April 8-10 2011
This year our three Guests of Honor are author J. V. Jones (Sword of Shadows series), author Sarah Monette (Doctrine of Labyrinths series), and professional game designer and author Robin D. Laws!

I mainly use Facebook and post stuff first to the Oddcon yahoogroup. I'll try to remember to post things here too.

You can always check out www.oddcon.com once and a while as well :)

I just wanted to remind those who are thinking of migrating to Dreamwidth over the latest hoopla to look for [community profile] oddcon. I have not been updating it as there are currently no other members to update it for, but if people start to join I will make an effort to make sure that the Dreamwidth site is kept up to date.

Oddcon 11 GoHs announcement!

Sorry for the lack of activity on this group. I usually use yahoogroups and facebook.

J. V. Jones http://jvj.com/

Robin D. Laws http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Laws

Sarah Monette http://www.sarahmonette.com/index.html

Help spread the word!


Prelimary Programming Schedule



And a reminder that Preregistration ends April 3rd.